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Dive into the monochromatic magic of "Dance Your Art Off: A Bauhaus Black and White Bash" – where dance meets design in a celebration inspired by the iconic Bauhaus art movement. For just $25 a ticket, join us for a night of rhythmic revelry, refreshments, artistic expression, and community support as we dance to the music of DJ Mark Allen and support the Staunton Augusta Art Center. Wear your best black and white Bauhaus-inspired costume and create unforgettable moments together on the dance floor!

The Bauhaus art movement, originating in Germany during the early 20th century, revolutionized the relationship between art, design, and craftsmanship. Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, Bauhaus sought to break down the barriers between fine arts and applied arts, emphasizing functional, minimalist design that blended form and function seamlessly. Characterized by geometric shapes, primary colors, and a focus on simplicity, the movement's influence extended across various disciplines, including architecture, painting, and graphic design. Bauhaus encouraged experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration, leaving an indelible mark on modern design and shaping the foundations of contemporary aesthetics.

Sponsored By:

Design @ Nine

Yelping Dog

Thomas Interiors

The By and By
James River Reality
Modern Boy Woodshop
Leslie Geer Design
Anthea Smith

Hunter Hanger

Brigitte Cowan
Marc Borzellca

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