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Thank You!

The Staunton Augusta Art Center wishes to extend our sincerest gratitude to each of you who contributed in 2022.  Thank you for being in partnership with our organization as we continuously seeking to advocate for the arts and provide meaningful experiences for all. We hope you will continue to support us in 2023 as we expand our outreach and programming access. 



Alice McLeod

Houff Charitable Foundation 

Proteus Foundation


Brigitte Cowan

Robert Jochen and

Christopher Smith

Amanda Avery

Augusta Health Foundation

Betsy and Chris Little

Dr. Janet Doerr

MDC Foundation

Carter Hopkins


Barbara and David Shue

Cheri and Phil Moran

Anthea Smith and Doug Tuggle

Barbara and Robert Henkel

Donald Albright

Anderson Fine Properties

Pleasant View Developers

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duke

James River Realty

Pam and Jim Huggins

The Depot Grille

Sarah and Tracy Wilkins


Connie and Hugh Westfall

Marc Borzelleca and Joey Miska

Dorothy Duval Nelson

Elizabeth Hartman

Mr. and Mrs. Scott D Ballin

Mary Margaret Pipkin

and Robert Boisture

Didawick & Company PC

Lynn and Stan Grimm

Karen & John Hudson

Liz and Joe McCue

Bankers Insurance

Bridgewater College


Alcova Mortgage

Julie and Stephen Plumbley

Judy and Paul Sorrel

Billy Sowers


Suzanne Borden Fisher

Susan and  CK Polly

Martha and Paul Vames

Carol and Buffy Shapiro

Diane and Tom Fechtel

Janet and Russell Parrish

Karen and William Hanna

Pam Robbins and Ray Cubbage

Lee A. Beam

Design @ Nine

Deona Landes Houff

Kathy and Jon Jencks

Beth and Angel Negron

Greg Jones and Chip Read


Martha Philpott

Doris Martin

Krista and Paul Welder

Marcia and Ronald Capps

Harriet Hanger

Anne Hanger and Robert Craycroft

Martha and Doug Degan

Ruth Arnold and Louis Dolive

Susie Baker and Bill Francisco

Asterie and Gene Provenzo

Fran and Bill vonSeldeneck

Dennis Ward

Dr. Sara N. James

Dr. and Mrs. Lundy Pentz

Jeanne and Daniel Swift

Hal Aaslestad

Peyton Hamrick

Carolyn Harvick

​June E. Jordan

Dr. Jim D. Lott

Carol B. Morency

Paula Rau

Barbara Ann Brothers

Faye and Peter Cooper

Vickie Jo and Carter Green

Debbie and Dave Metz

Judy and Ralph Cohen

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L.M. Coleman

Sharon and Bob Driscoll

Frazier Associates

Lisa S. Hamilton

Knopp Enterprises, Inc

Cleveland Morris

Mr. Robert H. Nutt

Joan Ranzini

Misa Kobayashi and Robert Stuart

Mr. and Mrs. Wayt B. Timberlake III

Michael Tusing

Up to $99

Michele Cook

Evy Harman

Frank and Janet Marshman

Mary L. Welliver

Beth and Richard Young

Betty Calabria

Masako Miyata Zapton

Amy Arnold and Anthony Baker

Deb and Ron Atno-Shelton

Margie and Gordon Barlow

Clair and Tom Bell

Ellen Brock and Joe Borzelleca

Nicole Browning

Lindsay Burris

Jane and Davis Cangalosi

Sandra Carter

Susan and Blake Clark

Jim and Pat Coffey

Mary Kathleen Combs

Cary Dahl

Bobbi and Lewis Dunn

Joan and Philip Feld

Dolly Frazier

Jenny Garon

Renee Staton and

Steven Grande

Jay and Gail Hanger

Tom Arbaugh and Larry Harrell 

Gail and Everett Harwood

Joy and Harry Hogshead

Suzanne and Otis Huston

Carol and Leslie Kipp

Dan Layman and Pamela Fox

Georganne E. Ludt

Linda and Nick MacNeil

Laura and Frank Mattingly

Audrey and Dietrich Maune

Mr. and Mrs. P. William Moore Jr.

Christine Morse

Peggy and Allan Moye

Sue Peason

Michael Quillen

Susan and Paul

Elizabeth and Kenneth Schwartz

Roller and Jerry Lynn Shipplett

Rhoda Snyder

Robyn and Brandan Sommerfield

Mike Sorge

Nancy and John Spahr

Ann Pontius and Michael Stahl

Bonny and Frank Strassler

Mary Ann and Bob Stripling

Cindy and Perry Swope

Jean and Steven Tabscott

Dottie and Travis Tysinger

Julia Vessy and Joshua Hebron

Jacque McCarter and Josh Walden

Paul Kazarov and

Barbara Whipple

Dr. C Larry and M. Kathryn Whitten

Jacquelyn and Kenneth Beals

Caroline Carver

Judith Mosedale and

Brandon Collins

Diane Kent

Margie and Walt Obenschain

Stuart Allen

Margaret Armstrong

Susan Barnabeo

Mary Barnes

Margaret Beebe

Mary Anne Bennett

Karen Bergmann

Deborah Booth

David Bottenfield

Cheryl Bragg

Gloria Brandt

Clifford E. Brane

Tracey Bredder

Anne Brooks

Kay Burnett

Jan Carter

John Chaffee

Marc Civitarese

Patricia Clough

Ann Cohen

Mary Hill Cole

Lucinda Cooke

Beth Cunningham

Susan Read and Bill Davick

Emma Drummond

Patricia Elliott

Amy Feinman

Dana Flanders

Camille Freeman and 

Matthew Hamilton

Sylvia and William Gibbs

Kathleen O. Glass

Ninika and Richard Gordon

Barbara Gough

Maureen Gray

Darlene Green

Steve Kozosky and Ron Greenberg 

Linda Grogan

Gail S. Haile

Vera Hailey

Jane Hamrick

Hunter Hanger

Jane Hanger

Sage Hastert

Janne and Daniel Heifetz

Anne Holland

Donna Huffer

Beth Hutchinson

Donna Kocka

Susan Lenderman

M. Joann Loring

Donald Lum

Amanda McGuire

Mary Jane McMeans

Ann D. McMillan

Roxanne Moskowitz

Amber Ocasio

Deborah E. Patton

Jennifer White Pilgreen

Grace Rice

Cheryl Richards

Cindy Roberts

Carroll Robertson

Kathy Romig

Teresa Salatin

M. Louise Scott

Patricia Snyder

Mae Stoll

Mary Jane Swanson

Anneli and Bill Tattersall

Barbara Trovillo

Carol Turrentine

Astrid Tuttle

Mary Ann Vessey

Martha Walker

Nancy Williams

Sharon and Scott Wilson

Barbara Wolfe

Annette Wood

Debrah Young

Barbara Phillips

Lucille Salatin

Whitney Robertson

Extraordinary Donated Time & Talent

The SAAC Board of Trustees

Marc Borzelleca

Smith Center Reception Desk Volunteers

Art for Gifts, Art on the Town and Art in the Park Volunteers

Curator and Gallery Volunteers: 

Evan Clough, Gail Hanger, Jay Hanger, Harry Hogshead, Joy Hogshead, Karen Shapcott, Liz DeVenney, Kathy Belcher, Christopher Smith, Bob Norvell 

and the marvelous Curator Extraordinaire Anthea Smith

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