2019 Donors & Members

Thank You!

The Staunton Augusta Art Center wishes to extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed in 2019.  Regardless of whether you were a major sponsor, member, or first-time donor, every penny was appreciated and helped us fulfill our mission of providing exhibits, festivals, and art education programs to the Staunton-Augusta community. 


We are grateful for your past support and hope you will continue to support us in 2020.

Individual and Family Donors & Members


Betsy and Chris Little

Earlynn J. Miller

via The Community Foundation of

Harrisonburg and Rockingham County


Amanda Avery

Brigitte Cowan

Janet Doerr

Janne and Daniel Heifetz

Houff Charitable Foundation

Karen and John Hudson

Alice McLeod

Kathy Romig and John Rorrer

Robert Jochen and Christopher Smith

MDC Foundation

Billy Sowers

Two Capes Trust, Carter Hopkins

Connie and Hugh Westfall

Sarah and Tracy Wilkins

Beth and Richard Young


David Bottenfield

Angus Carter

Carolyn and Nancy Dahl

Tommie and Bob Duke

Marney Gibbs

Libby Hartman

Harvey Martin and Beth Hodge

Pam and Jim Huggins

Jane and Preston Manning

Liz and Joe McCue 

Dave Perry-Miller

Jennifer White Pilgreen

Bob Boisture and Mary Margaret Pipkin

Julie and Steve Plumbley

Greg Jones and Chip Read

Celia and Jim Rutt

Karen and Tom Shapcott

Barb and Dave Shue

Sharon and George Sproul

Dennis Ward

Ginger Warrick


Donald Albright
Dave and Patty Arnold
Laurie Berman
Jane and Davis Cangalosi
Pam Robbins and Ray Cubbage
Olympia and Bruce Dorries
Suzanne Borden Fisher
Suzy Baker and Bill Francisco

Karen and Bill Hanna

Tom Arbaugh and Larry Harrell
Kathy and Jon Jencks
Megan LeBoutiller
Beth and Angel Negron
Janet and Russell Parrish
Nancy and John Spahr Charitable Trust

a donor advised Fund of the US Charitable Gift Trust
Krista and Paul Welder


Dabney and Judd Bankert
Donald and Carol Banks
Lee Beam
Kennon and Roger Bowen
Barbara Ann Brothers
Nancy and Henry Carey
Judy and Ralphy Cohen
Jan and Richard Coleman
Anne Hanger and Robert Craycroft
Martha and Doug Degen
Denise Dempsey
Ruth Arnold and Lou Dolive
Sharon and Robert Driscoll
Joan and Philip Feld
Diane and Tom Fechtel
Sylvia and Wayt Gibbs
Vickie and Carter Green
Steve Kozosky and Ron Greenberg
Lisa Hamilton

Harriet Hanger

Carolyn Harvick

Gail Goodrich Harwood 

Jack and Barbara Coyle Holt
Sara Nair James
Carol and Leslie Kipp
Dana Krusz and Daniel Knopp
Linda and Martin Lightsey
Rebecca and Carl Locken
Joanne Loring
James D. Lott
Jan and Dave Mangun
Lawrence and Diane Markert
Peggy Mason
Lois McClure
Debbie and Dave Metz
Kathryn and John Mirabella
Martin Morgan
Cleveland Morris

Peggy and Allan Moye

Louise Scott and Joe Pasini
Deborah Patton
Asterie and Gene Provenzo
Heather Smith-Reeps and 
Michael Reeps

Grace Rice
Benjamin Rippe
James Robertson
Carol and Buffy Shapiro
Reneee Staton and Steven Grande
Misa Kobayashi and Robert Stuart 
Eleanor Supple
Daniel and Jeanne Swift
Joel Thompson
Martha and Paul Vames
Frank and Bill vonSeldeneck
Jack Waggoner
Nancy Street Williams
Sharon and Scott Wilson

Up to $99

Jamie Agins
Stuart Allen
Deb and Ron Atno-Shelton
Brad Woodridge and Deborah Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Ballin

Margie and Gordon Barlow
Mary Barnes
Jacquelyn amd Kenneth Beals
Doreen Bechtol
Margaret Beebe
Clair and Tom Bell
Mary Anne Bennett
Bob Barron and Fred Blanton
Tracy Booth
Eleanor and Chester Bowman
Mary Alice Bowman
Cheryl Bragg
Gloria Brandt
Cliff Brane
Barbara Brewer
Debra Callison
Maricia and Ronald Capps
Sandra Carter
Barbara Cauthorn
John Chaffee
Kim Clanton
Blake Clark
Patricia Clough
Jason Coady
Ann Cohen
Mary Hill Cole
Judith Mosedale and Brandon Collins
Michelle Cook
Faye and Peter Cooper
Jaye Crooks

Virginia Dean

Deane Dozier

Emma Drummond

Bobbie B Dunn

Mary Echols

Kazuko Fuller

Cordelia Gary

Betty Gatewood
Norma Geddes
Peggy Ruth Geren
Kathleen Glass
Mark Glass
Richard and Ninika Gordon
Darlene and Ben Green
Judith and Braxton Green
Barbara Grether
Stanley and Lynn Grimm 
Jane Hamrick
Peyton Hamrick
Evelyn and Joseph Harman
Saul Harris
Sharon Mason and Don Hayes
Teena Hazel
George Heston
Sandra Hodge
Joy and Harry Hogshead
Bryan Hollar
Deona Houff
Michael Hough
Philip Hutchinson
Janly Jaggard
Julie Jernigan
Nilda Jolloff
June Jordan
Jan Kane
Barbara Whipple and Paul Kazarov
Diane Kent
Amy Kiger
Sylvia and Joe Lackey
Claudia Lopez-Muniz
Georganne Ludt
Donald Lum
Linda and Nick MacNeil
Carolyn Maloney
Doris Martin

Ellen Martin

Pamela and John Mathews

Dietrich Maune

David McCaskey
Ann McPherson
John Mendez
Lisa Moore
Cheri and Phil Moran
Carol Morency
Albert Morriss
Ronald Navroski
Dorothy Duval Nelson
Robert Nutt
Margie Obenschain
Joe Orlick and Bob Powell
Ellen and Lundy Pentz
Barbara Phillips
Brian Raynor
Amanda Riesmeyer
Pam Robertson
Thomas  Rorrer
Susan Crave Rosen
Ralph Ruedy
Richard Rutherford
Lucille Salatin 
Kathy Schwartz
Roller and Jerry Lynn Shipplett
Iqabal Silva-Pinto
Anthea and Bert Smith
Starke Smith
Patricia Snyder
Robyn and Brandan Sommerfield
Mike Sorge
Gloria Stade
Mary Ann and Bob Stripling
Anneli and Bill Tattersall
Mary and Wayt Timberlake
Carol Turrentine
Jame and Carrollyn Tyson
Maggie Ragon and Nick Walge
Audrey Watson
Mary Welliver
Yara White
Annette Wood

Business and Organization Donors & Members


Blue Ridge Beverage Co.

Depot Grille

Donald Steger, CPA, PC

P. Buckley Moss Foundation

Valley Auto Group


Didawick and Company, PC

The Fetzer Institute

First Bank

Mountain Valley Tower Service

Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Club


Baja Bean

Crown Jewelers

Design @ Nine

Frazier Associates



Dixon Studio

Heirloom Home

H.L. Lang

Jude's, a Fine Emporium

Knopp Enterprises

Pampered Palate

Shenandoah Pizza and Tap House

Extraordinary Donated Time & Talent

The SAAC Board of Trustees

Smith Center Reception Desk Volunteers

Marc Borzelleca

Carl Locken

Art in the Park Musicians and Donors

Curator and Gallery Volunteers: 

Evan Clough, Gail Hanger, Jay Hanger, Hunter Hanger, Joy Hogshead, and Anthea Smith

20 South New Street

Staunton, Virginia 24401

(540) 885-2028 (cell)


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