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Staunton Augusta Art Center


Classes are held from 10am-noon each Saturday at the R.R. Smith Center for History & Art (20 S. New St.). 2nd floor classrooms

April 30


Inspired by

Basquiat and Jason Griffin

Kids 10-14

Emerging artists and more serious students will work in book form on original imagery that combines and reflects the cadence of rap, hip-hop and the rhythm of modern poetic form in visual journals and street style art.  Students will be encouraged to collaborate, record progress with photos, brainstorm, and share ideas throughout the process. Students are encouraged to bring a sketchbook or visual journal.

Students will use: collage materials such as patterned paper, magazines, newspapers, catalogs; glue; watercolors and ink; markers; brushes; water cups; etc.

April 30



inspired by the iconic classic children’s writer/illustrator Eric Carle

Kids 5-11

Young artists will compose and illustrate a simple book using colored tissue paper, watercolors and markers. They will be cutting, tearing, gluing, and painting backgrounds and main characters. No words needed, but parents are invited to listen to the final poem or story with children at a Noon sharing. Children familiar with Eric Carle may want to plan ahead or have a favorite subject or theme in mind before this class.

Students will use: tissue paper/bleeding tissue paper; construction paper; glue; brushes; scissors; sponges; yarn or embroidery floss; needles; markers; and pencils

May 14


Kids 5-11

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It is a time to raise awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and to help reduce the stigma so many experience.


Children often struggle to communicate their moods and emotions. My Mood Board asks children to collage art materials and use the basic elements of art to convey or capture a single mood/emotion. 

Students will use: Old magazines, newspapers, craft and scrap paper; markers and/or colored pencils; scissors; glue; cardboard 

May 21


Kids 5-14

Using both mindless and mindful art practices, participants will “stitch” together their thoughts to create a paper quilt. Starting with mindless drawing, this activity reinforces the link between the drawing instrument, hand, and eye as the mind goes on with other things.


After periods of mindless drawing, students will take those drawings to create a paper quilt using intentional decision-making and design principles.

Students will use: colored pencils or markers; colored or patterned paper; glue sticks; scissors, poster board; and basic quilt patterns.

Saturday Art Lab Class Registration


Your registration has been submitted.  Thank you for participating in Saturday Art Lab!


  • Each session is $15 per student.

  • SAAC members (at the family level only) receive a 10% discount.  

  • Payment can be made via cash or check. Please deliver or mail to: SAAC, 20 S. New Street, Staunton, VA 24401

  • For questions or concerns, please contact Carolyn Maloney at or 540-885-2028 

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