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Each year, SAAC accepts submissions for exhibitions in the beautiful Staunton Augusta Art Center Galleries. Our professional galleries are large, airy, inviting and are a space that truly highlights the work we receive to hang. We accept entries for work in all media, from individual artists, curators and groups and for solo or group exhibitions. You do not have to have large sizes or quantity to be part of a show, we are happy to pair you with other artists that complement your work, in style / subject / or other elements. And if you are interested in gathering a few like-minded artists to apply for an exhibit together, we welcome that as well. Please read on for more detailed information about the application process, the jury process, exhibition guidelines and more. We encourage all applicants to review our floorplan and guidelines before submitting. If you have any questions, please contact our office at


The application process is fairly straightforward, but here are some helpful hints.

  • When uploading the images, please make sure they are labeled/titled as requested

  • We have three galleries: The Front Gallery is on the East side of our building, with windows facing South New Street and is the largest gallery and can fit the largest pieces. The Center Gallery is on the West side of the building, and has a door out to our garden. The Back Gallery, also on the West side, has a huge frosted window with gorgeous filtered light all day long. The Center and Back galleries are similar in size/wall space.

  • We are allowing artists to list their gallery preference. Please take into consideration the size and quantity of work that you have to present. Each gallery is considered its own space and, as such, a solo show. Therefore, we can have up to 3 solo shows at once. If you would like to be considered for a show that takes two or even all three galleries, feel free also to make that request. 

  • When creating the pdf list of your uploaded images, we ask for you to list the price. We ask that you add a dollar price here even if your piece is NFS or already sold, as we want to get a feel for your pricing. 

  • Our expectation is that the work you apply with (the images you upload) will be indicative, in style and concept, of the work you intend to show. If you are applying for a show with a group or with an idea that will be different from the images you send, please use the box to explain your idea thoroughly. 

  • Please use the last text box to add anything else that may be of interest to the jurors, or helpful for the Exhibitions Committee. This can include any time of year you would not be available for a show, any hanging needs that are different from one nail, a description of your show, etc. 

  • Once submitted correctly, a message will appear under the SUBMIT APPLICATION BUTTON. It will say "Thanks for your submission"


The R.R. Smith Center for History & Art is home to the Staunton Augusta Art Center ("SAAC") and includes galleries, classrooms, archives, conference space, a garden, and offices for non-profit cultural organizations. Located in Staunton’s Beverley Historic District, the building is an 1894 hotel designed in the French Second Empire style by Staunton architect, T.J. Collins.

SAAC’s state-of-the-art galleries, competitive exhibit selection process, and free access provide a welcoming setting for visitors to view and purchase excellent art year-round.  Every year, we invite applications from individual artists, curators, and groups for solo and group shows. Artwork encompassing a full range of styles, techniques, and content will be considered, and work representing new or traditionally underrepresented perspectives and experiences is particularly welcome.  

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