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To apply to exhibit in 2025, please fill out the form below. Before applying, please be sure to review our gallery guidelines and gallery layout. All text uploads must be in the form of a PDF and all image uploads must be a JPG and labeled as lastname_title (for example Pablo Picasso submitting Guernica would be Picasso_Guernica). Submissions not following this format will not be accepted. If you are submitting for a group exhibition, please fill out the form using the primary point person's contact information and submit images showing a cross-section of the entire group's work. For questions please contact us at


Please note, it may take a minute for files to upload, please do not close your browser during this process. Upon completion of all file uploads, a thank you for submitting icon will appear.

DEADLINE April 1, 11:59PM
Upload CV - PDF only
Upload Artist Statement - PDF only
Upload Artist Bio - PDF only
Please upload 6-8 images of your artwork below. Filenames should be formatted "LastName_Title."
Upload Image 1
Upload Image 5
Upload Image 2
Upload Image 6
Upload Image 3
Upload Image 7
Upload Image 4
Upload Image 8
Upload Artwork List - PDF only

Thanks for your submission!

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