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  • Artwork is usually hung on the Monday before the exhibit opening so we ask for the work to be delivered that Sunday 10-2 or Monday at 10am.

  • Artwork MUST be ready to hang – If you do not know what we mean by this, we welcome your questions. If your work is not framed 2D work that has a wire across the back and hangs on one nail – please talk with us about presentation/installation when applying. Also, make sure that your hanging device does not show when on the wall. Nails, wire, etc should not be visible once hung.

  • Artwork must have professional presentation - no poster frames or items mounted on mats without frames. Framing can be unconventional and raw and does not have to be expensive. But it does have to be on purpose and should highlight rather than detract from your work. We've had a lot of diversity in accepted presentation. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to talk with us about it. We’re here to help! And we are open to new ideas for sure!

  • Artwork will remain on display for the entirety of the show duration and the artist may not remove it for any reason.


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