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July Art and Music

Hello fellow art lovers,

I hope you're all enjoying your summer and staying cool! The heatwave has finally subsided just in time for the opening of our newest exhibitions, "RAILS, RUST, AND RIVETS" and "YOU BELONG HERE." Join us this Friday from 5-7 PM to experience the incredible works of two talented painters, Raymond Burns and Todd Messegee.

Raymond Burns, an acclaimed oil painter from Washington DC, will showcase his latest series inspired by the rugged allure of railways. Over the past few years, Burns has immersed himself in active railyards, railroad museums, and abandoned tracks, seeking out what he affectionately calls “good rust.” His artistic journey was sparked by the sight of a rusted grab iron casting a curved shadow on an abandoned caboose in Union Bridge, MD, which ignited his passion for depicting the gritty beauty of railroads.

Todd Messegee, an accomplished artist, educator, and playwright, brings a heartfelt glimpse of Staunton, Virginia, with his fine art collection in "YOU BELONG HERE." His work, rich with visual artistry, reflects his deep ties to the community and his love for artistic expression. Messegee's career includes notable contributions to the Los Angeles entertainment scene, having created pieces for major entities like Hallmark and Disney.

Additionally, to complement our exhibitions, we're excited to feature live music every Friday afternoon through July. Enjoy a series of free concerts by Heifetz from 1-3 PM in the gallery.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to seeing you at these inspiring events!

Best regards,

Angus Carter

Executive Director

Staunton Augusta Art Center

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