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Send your kiddo to camp on Friday. Instructors and projects will vary, but they will have opportunities to make art in all sorts of media, go on field trips and, of course, HAVE FUN! Details and pricing below.
JUNE 9, 16, 23, 30
JULY 14, 21, 28


  • PLEASE check that you have the correct age and month. 

  • Use the drop-down menus to find the weeks and morning/ 9-noon (AM) or afternoon/ 1-4pm (PM) classes you wish to add to the cart. Payment is made through PayPal and you will be redirected there. You can return to this page to add more classes or lunch.

  • After payment is complete, you will be redirected to our online registration form. Please contact us if you are not directed there and we will send you a link. The form must be filled out and payment must be complete to reserve space in the class. First Come, First Served.

  • Savor the joy of future art camps for your kiddos!

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ABSTRACT ART  //  Instructor: Caroline Terrell

During this week we will explore abstract art. Make funny faces! Zoom in on the natural world like you are the size of an ant! We will use vivid colors, drawing and painting our way through an abstract world.

ACRYLIC 101  //  Instructor: Jordan Tate 

Dive into the universe of acrylic painting. While creating artwork of animals and landscapes, we'll learn about acrylic painting techniques such as color mixing, shading & tones. Ready, Set, Paint!

ALL THINGS PAPER!  //  Instructor: Kate Nesmith

Let’s explore everything paper has to offer! How it folds, twists and pops to create cool effects on any piece of artwork. We will be using paper to create fun projects like 3D cards, robots and so much more!

ANCIENT ART  //  Instructor: Delaney Nave

Join us as we learn about art that was made in Ancient Civilizations. Take a virtual tour of different Ancient sites each day, while learning about the art that was made during that time period. We'll explore Ancient Greece, Ancient China, Ancient Rome and more. Each day we will make art inspired by what we learn, including mosaics and air dry pottery!

CREATIVE COLLAGE  //  Instructor: Naomi Ritchie

Become inspired in this creative collage course, where students will learn how to use collage techniques to plan for their futures, spark creativity, and learn to “paint” without the mess! We'll use this versatile media for mood boards, visual journals, and to create beautiful, finished pieces of artwork.

FUN & FUNKY ANIMAL VIBES  //  Instructor: Kate Nesmith

Do you ever wish you could talk to animals? Or do you believe that you can? Learn how to bring your drawings of animals to life by learning about crazy textures, vibrant colors and fun papier-mâché techniques. Bring your own inner animal to life by building a wearable mask!

ISM - ISM!  //  Instructor: Jordan Tate 

Enter a world of ISMs - realism, surrealism, impressionism, abstract expressionism and more! At any given time in history, people have painted in similar ways and those time periods are often called movements. Discover some fun and important movements and significant artists that made their name painting in a certain style. We'll be inspired to make paintings, adding our own special twist to make them unique.

MIXED MEDIA MAGIC  //  Instructor: Naomi Ritchie  

During this class, students will use mixed media techniques like printmaking, painting and collage to create whimsical pieces of art. We will explore subject matter like frogs, fairies, mushrooms, and butterflies to create landscapes full of fun!

MODEL MAGIC  //  Instructor: Margaret Morris  

Using books like Oliver's Lollipop, My Dragon and What to do with an Idea? as inspiration, students will create decorative 3D sculptures. Get your hands on some model magic clay and mixed media to create a lollipop, a dragon idea, and so much more.


Using acrylic and finding inspiration from Picasso and Van Gogh, students will learn basic color theory and produce several unique portrait paintings of themselves and others. Learn realistic portrait techniques as well as abstract, meaningful and fun ways to paint your most beautiful self!


During this introduction to printmaking, students will use various techniques to create greeting cards and fine art. We will also explore gardens of downtown Staunton and become inspired as we use the sun to create botanical prints.

POP Art!  //  Instructor: Karen Hurt  

Wake up your inner Andy Warhol as you pop into this class about pop art. Taking inspiration from popular culture all around us including games, apps, stores, TV and social media, we will utilize vivid colors and various media such as collage, painting and drawing to create fun and exciting works of art that will POP in any setting!

PUPPETRY & THE STORYTELLER'S WORLD  //  Instructor: Karen Hurt

Become a puppeteer! We'll craft puppets from paper stencils, old socks, fabric scraps, egg shells, springs, fabric and string. We'll play theatre games, make and embellish hand puppets and marionettes, develop stories, and perform puppet plays!

SCULPTURE  //  Instructor: Delaney Nave  

Join us as we learn about different American Artists who have created exciting sculptures! Students will create their own movable 3D mobiles like Alexander Calder, clay balloon animals like Jeff Koons, and more!

SUPER SUMMER  //  Instructor: Caroline Terrell

Make your superhero dreams a reality! In this class students will explore what they love most about superheroes and villains. They will design their own and create a story for each of them using a variety of drawing materials. What superpower will YOU have?

WATERCOLOR 101  //  Instructor: Jordan Tate  

Get your paintbrushes ready to wash, spread, stipple and stroke! In this class we will learn about the wonderful world of watercolor, exploring different materials such as salt and crayons to alter the paint and paper. Go home with beautiful paintings to hang on your wall!


This week we will be exploring yarn! We will be diving into how creative we can be with yarn. By creating crazy faces with yarn for hair, creating our favorite objects and making them into yarn portraits and so much more.



  • Weekly classes run Monday-Thursday and are 3 hours long: Morning/AM (9-noon) and Afternoon/PM (1-4pm)

  • FUN FRIDAYS are optional workshops, offered each Friday, also AM or PM

  • Weekly classes are $85 each

  • Fun Fridays are $20/half day or $40/full day, if the student is enrolled in that week's programs. Regular price is $25/half day and $50/full day

  • Students signed up for morning and afternoon classes may stay through lunch for $25 per student per week

  • If your child will stay through lunch, please send a bag lunch

  • We reserve the right to cancel classes with fewer than 5 students enrolled

  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Payment must accompany registration in order for space to be held

  • Please send your child with a reusable water container and a snack, as all classes will take a snack break.


To fully register, you will need to both fill out a form and make payment. There are 3 ways to do this:


  • Print THIS FORM, fill it out, send it and a check made out to SAAC to:
    20 S New Street, Staunton, VA 24401



  • Call us with your registration information and your credit card handy. We'll fill out your form over the phone


  • Online registration is below.  

  • After you finish your payment, you will be directed to our online registration form. Please fill that out and click submit.

  • If you have already registered for a class and you are registering again, you may make payment and then email the director with the new classes rather than fill out the full form more than once.



  • We are able to fully refund a class if it is canceled more than 2 weeks in advance.

  • We are able to partially refund a class (40% of class fees) if canceled more than 1 week in advance.

  • Cancelations made after this time forfeit all fees.

  • Please note, payments made online incur a credit card processing fee which is non-refundable.

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